3M 8835+ MASK P3V R (PACK of 5)

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3M 8835+ Premium Adjustable Strap Respirator (Valved)
FFP3 Provides respiratory protection against higher levels of fine dusts, mists, and metal fume.
Breathe easy : New filter construction and large surface area reduces breathing resistance making the 8835+ even easier to breathe through.
Cool and Comfortable : The 3M Cool Flow valve effectively removes exhaled air, reducing heat and moisture build up.
Better Fit : The new soft, pliable face seal forms comfortably onto a wide variety of face shapes and sizes, helping give an improved fit.
Adjustable red headbands indicate FFP3 protection level.
See Clearly : New clever face seal design is engineered to help minimise fogging of eyewear. Industry proven 3M Cool Flow Valve directs humid exhaled air away from eyewear.
Long Lasting : The new durable face seal can be wiped clean after use.
Coupled with adjustable straps and an additional ‘R’ approval means 8835+ can be used for more than one shift.Standard: EN149:2001 + A1:2009 Classification: FFP3 R DMaximum Use Concentration: 20 x WEL (Workplace exposure limit)