Environmental Policy

We recognise that our activities have an impact on the environment in terms of the use of materials, emissions to air and water, and waste generation, and seek to minimise this as far as is reasonably practicable.

Environmental Legislation

Spartan Safety Ltd will comply with or exceed all statutory environmental requirements.

Major Areas of Environmental Concern

Spartan Safety Ltd is committed to improving environmental performance, in wise use of energy and water, air pollution (including vehicle), waste reduction, wise use of paper and protection of the natural environment.

Ozone Depleting Substances

Spartan Safety Ltd will not buy products which contain Ozone depleting substances or have used these substances in their production or packaging.  Any and all products containing Ozone depleting substances will be maintained and disposed of carefully, to ensure minimal leakage.

Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC)

Spartan Safety Ltd, given the environmental concerns surrounding the production and use of PVC products, and the availability of alternative materials, and will encourage the purchase and use of products made from alternatives to PVC

Chemicals and Cleaning Materials

Spartan Safety Ltd will use only cleaning materials (detergents, polishes and disinfectants) which are phosphate free and at least 90% biodegradable.  For cleaning materials, pump action and reusable containers or non-spray products will be used.

Heavy Metals

Spartan Safety Ltd will whenever possible, purchase products (and or which contain materials) which are manufactured and can subsequently be disposed of in environmentally friendly ways.

Packaging Materials

Biodegradable or recycled packaging not made using Ozone damaging chemicals will be specified whenever possible.

Delivery Vehicles

Spartan Safety Ltd will use diesel engine vehicles operating on low sulphur fuel, and to purchase vehicles equipped with the best engine management and exhaust treatment systems available to control emissions (Euro II standards).

Energy Efficiency

Spartan Safety Ltd will purchase the most efficient appliances available, use energy saving lamps instead of conventional light bulbs, and ensure that all personal computer equipment incorporates energy reduction features to satisfy Energy Star Standards.  Rechargeable batteries will be used whenever possible.

Water Conservation

Spartan Safety Ltd will wherever possible, use the most water saving appliances, and purchase those products which may help to reduce future water consumption needs.

Waste Minimisation

Spartan Safety Ltd will wherever possible, use products which minimise the generation of waste, both in their manufacture and their eventual disposal.

Spartan Safety Ltd will communicate this policy to all of our employees and ensure that they are given appropriate training to raise awareness of environmental issues.

We will make this policy available when requested to interested parties individually, or to members of the public