Corporate Social Responsibility Policy 2017-2020

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) for SPARTAN SAFETY LTD is about how we align our activities with the expectations of our customers in relation to our economic, social and environmental impacts.

Our policy sets out our overall aims, objectives and targets to continue our efforts in relation to CSR. It covers operations at our main office in central London office, plus the influence we have on the sector through our policies and services. It meets our commitments to CSR in relation to our Environmental Policy.


SPARTAN SAFETY LTD aims to embed CSR into everything it does and to be a responsible body.


To this end we have set the following objectives:

Business ethics

Objective 1: Meet, and where possible, exceed all relevant legal requirements

Objective 2: Behave with honesty and integrity in all our activities and relationships with others and maintain our status as RISQS verified suppliers

Objective 3: Act ethically and always in our dealings with our customers

Objective 4: Maintain internal controls adequate to ensure standards are met

Managing our environmental impacts

Objective 5: Work towards a reduction in our carbon footprint

Objective 6: Continually improve our environmental performance wherever practicable and prevent pollution

Objective 7: Make the most efficient and effective use of all resources, encouraging all staff to develop a sustainable approach to their work

Objective 8: Minimise carbon emissions from business travel by avoiding unnecessary travel and travelling by public transport unless there are reasons why this is not practicable or if there are other circumstances that would impede efficiency or effectiveness

Objective 9: Encourage staff to use sustainable modes of transport to commute to work

Objective 10: Identify and implement cost-effective energy and water conservation measures

Objective 11: Reduce the amount of waste generated and disposed to landfill through a waste minimization and recycling programme

Objective 12: Manage our place of work in an environmentally and biodiversity-sensitive manner

Procurement / Tender Applications

Objective 13: Develop and implement a sustainable and socially responsible policy that will include consideration of CSR in all tender applications

Objective 14: Work with our suppliers to help us achieve our sustainable and socially responsible policy aspirations in the delivery of our products and services

Objective 15: Support the principles of fair trade where possible

Our people

Objective 16: Respect the rights and dignity of every employee and treat them fairly and without discrimination

Objective 17: Promote the health and well-being of our staff

Objective 18: Encourage team working and the sharing of knowledge throughout the organization

Objective 19: Provide a safe, fulfilling and rewarding career for all our employees

In the community

Objective 20: Enable staff who wish to undertake voluntary activities to do so

Objective 21: Enable our staff to continue to support at least one charitable organization every year through voluntary fundraising activities, and to give them the time and opportunity to participate in charitable events

Working with the sector

Objective 22: Make sustainable development a central part of our strategy for the future development of this sector of the industry

Objective 23: As part of our policy-making process, identify possible impacts on sustainable development and on equality and diversity. Where possible, act to enhance positive impacts and mitigate negative ones


Our targets are aligned with those set out in our own internal policies and procedures, as stated in our Environmental Policy, Ethics Policy and others. 

Other targets

1) To inform our suppliers of our CSR policy and our expectations of them in relation to this and for this information to be contained in 95% of our contracts (by number) by 2020.

2) To continue to measure the well-being of our staff through the staff survey, ensuring that we continue to match or exceed the external benchmark on staff satisfaction.

3) To participate in Business in the Community’s Corporate Responsibility Index and improve our performance year on year.

Carbon neutrality

We intend to be carbon neutral by December 2020. For an organization to be carbon neutral it must have zero net carbon dioxide emissions. This is achieved through a combination of reducing carbon emissions, using renewable energy and offsetting the remaining balance of emissions. An agreed UK government definition of carbon neutrality is due in spring 2009. When this guidance is available, we will consider this and how we can work towards carbon neutrality by the last quarter of 2019.


CSR within SPARTAN SAFETY LTD is overseen by the Managing Director of the company, with the support of Senior Management.  Responsibilities include but are not restricted to:

The CSR implementation: The implementing initiatives to improve our performance and meet the commitments in this policy

The CSR data collation, which is responsible for collecting and calculating data to monitor progress.

This policy and its implementation have the support of our team.

Monitoring and review

We will continually benchmark and evaluate what we do in order to improve our CSR performance. Progress is reported quarterly to the Managing Director through the monitoring of our operating plan. Performance against this operating plan is published as part of the management commentary to our annual accounts. We will also publish an annual CSR report. Progress towards and the appropriateness of our targets will be reviewed annually and reported in our CSR report. We will revise our targets in the last quarter of 2019 or earlier if we exceed expectations.


We will seek assurance of our CSR performance through periodic independent review of the methods used to calculate our environmental performance indicators and progress against targets. SPARTAN SAFETY LTD is required to have to have a formal audit conducted (in line with our ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 accreditations) and is included within SPARTAN SAFETY LTD’s internal audit strategy. The need for an internal audit is based on risk, with high-risk areas being audited more frequently. CSR, including SPARTAN SAFETY LTD’s environmental management system, will normally be audited at least once every three years.