SurSol™ Garment Disinfectant 100ml

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SurSol™ Garment disinfectant is a broad spectrum anti-Bacterial garment spray that is to be used to sanitise clothing between washes.

Manufactured in the UK, SurSol™ sanitisers & disinfectant products are designed to help protect from germs and viruses

Formulated to comply with EN 1276 & EN 14476 testing standard this powerful disinfectant formulation is designed to eliminate 99.9% bacteria.

Sursol™ Garment Disinfectant is safe to use on most clothing, even delicates.

  • No harsh chemical odours.
  • Suitable for most clothing.
  • Great to use between washes.

Available in 100ml size. Ideal to carry in pocket and handbags

Only available as twin pack

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