LED Bardic Lamp

LED Bardic Hand Lamp

  • Performance characteristics compliant with: UK Network Rail specifications & Rail Group Standards GKRT0031 Approvals
  • Network Rail Product Acceptance No PA 05/02888
  • 4 Aspect LED Hand lamp
  • Replacement Battery Product Code: BT16703
  • Features
  • LED Handlamps have a life 250% Energy saving over filament lamps giving a Longer Battery life of 20 hours (continuous use) Battery costs are reduced by over 60%.
  • Direct replacement for the existing NRS (formerly Bardic) Over 50% lighter that the existing NRS (formerly Bardic) Made from high impact resistant polycarbonate.
  • Battery OK indicator light.
  • LED’s have a life in excess of 10 years.

£79.00 Exc VAT

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